Bluewater Interactive was launched to increase Bluewater’s outreach with a broader range of services to clients including Custom Content Development and Custom Integrations with new and existing L&D systems.

Bluewater Learning, Inc., a key player in the learning technology, custom digital content development, and learning transformation industry, unveils its newest arm, Bluewater Interactive. Bluewater CEO and founder, Chris Bond, announced the appointment of Curt Swayne as its new President.

As an industry veteran, Swayne offers industry-leading expertise to Bluewater Interactive, which was formed to provide a comprehensive set of custom, innovative learning solutions to meet the rapid pace of change and demands in the L&D industry. A new unique set of custom services including high-quality content development for business-critical operations, solutions to simplify integrations, and tools for data visualizations.

"The speed of change in business today is astounding and is impacting our clients personally. We have heard our clients and know that simplifying the process of developing, delivering, and measuring learning will have a significant impact on our clients personally." Chris Bond, CEO, Founder, Bluewater Learning, Inc.

About Curt Swayne

Curt Swayne, President of Bluewater Interactive, brings with him more than 25 years of business leadership in selling, consulting, designing, producing, implementing, and integrating custom learning experiences. As the former president of the premier source of custom learning solutions for global brands, he has spent his career organizing, leading, and developing teams of dedicated specialists in producing thousands of learning titles for global brands and international distribution. Helping grow the business from the ground up, he has been involved in all aspects of business development.

About Bluewater

Bluewater is a full-service consulting & learning services partner for everything Learning & Talent Management. Bluewater Learning, Inc. was founded in 2003 and since then has been supporting industries by helping to maximize the use of their technology to Recruit, Develop and Engage great people to secure their futures. If you need to select, implement, or operate learning technology, Bluewater is your go-to partner.

Bluewater is focused on helping clients by:

  • Maximizing the value of their investment in learning and talent technology
  • Administering learning technology for the workplace
  • Engaging learners with a great User Experience
  • NEW: Developing high-quality custom content
  • NEW: Integrating existing learning and talent ecosystems
  • Measuring learning and talent effectiveness

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