Bluewater, North America's leading full-service consulting & services partner for everything Learning & Talent Management announced its partnership this week with NovoEd, the leading social and collaborative learning platform for deep capability building.

Bluewater is a go-to partner for enterprise and mid-market organizations looking to select, implement, and operate learning technology. By adding NovoEd to Bluewater's existing portfolio of learning technology partners, Bluewater is moving to better empower its clients to build deep capabilities through cohort-based learning at scale.

"In our work with talent development and learning leaders, we see a significant need for a solution like NovoEd. In fact, many of our long-term clients are inquiring about or have purchased the NovoEd platform," said Chris Bond, Bluewater Founder, and CEO. "NovoEd is a uniquely flexible learning system because it allows us to structure interventions to cultivate better relationships between an organization and its employees, as well as within an employee community. The learning is stronger if it appropriately incorporates socialization, collaboration, cohorts, coaching, and mentoring. I look forward to leveraging the NovoEd platform to serve our clients."

The NovoEd and Bluewater partnership expands the scope of services for both organizations to help their clients build out comprehensive organization-wide NovoEd deployments, as well as support mid-sized companies that require additional support to design and implement scalable cohort-based learning journeys.

"Our clients envision creating learning organizations that can power the most fundamental and transformative initiatives within their respective businesses," said NovoEd Chief Executive Officer Scott Kinney. "Partnering with Bluewater will help make that vision come to life by combining NovoEd's industry-leading, cohort-based learning technology with Bluewater's learning strategy, custom content, and technology consulting services. We're excited to partner on this journey to help our clients care for and develop their people for the future of their businesses."

About Bluewater 
At Bluewater, we create clients for life by helping them to look at the way they use their learning and talent technology a little differently. That all starts with our people. Our team helps our clients gain confidence in their tools, fill the gaps in knowledge, and provide the right resources to ensure that you have the time you need to be successful.

Bluewater Transforms our Employees' lives by serving you and engaging yours. We develop Relationships, not transactions, focus on Impact, not tools, and have flexible, not one size fits all solutions. Contact us to learn more.

About NovoEd 
Founded atStanford'sSocial Algorithms Lab in 2012, NovoEd is a capability-building platform that uses social and collaborative learning to unlock performance readiness at scale. Through cohort-based experiences, NovoEd taps into collective wisdom, placing each learner at the intersection of perspective, application, and expertise. Large enterprises such as3M, GE, and Nestlé partner with NovoEd to accelerate their critical initiatives, reconnect teams, and achieve rapid alignment through learning that is deeply felt and experienced and swiftly transformed into impact. Visit to learn more.


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