The Human Side of Learning & Talent Technology Podcast

Just like you, we at Bluewater are passionate about people and their potential. We are having honest conversations about a changing world and the implications for learning and talent through this podcast. We will focus on various topics each week and how they’re impacting the way HR and L&D departments are making decisions every day.

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Who We Are

Bluewater is a visionary consulting firm for organizations that desire to focus on their people. By helping you uncover the real keys to maximizing employee potential and engagement at ALL stages of the employee life cycle, we help you optimize your technology and proactively develop your people for the future of the business.

Meet the Hosts

ChrisBond (1)

Chris Bond

Founder & CEO

Tiffany Faulkner

Tiffany Faulkner

Chief Operations Officer 


Bennett Jensen

VP, Strategic Partnerships