Bluewater helps manage complexities and learning & talent challenges unique to major automotive manufactures and dealer networks by providing intelligent solutions and programs to reduce compliance risk and deploy a more adaptable workforce.



Training, compliance, and on-demand reporting are the top issues the airline industry faces. Bluewater helps by implementing customized training solutions and proficiently managing global workforces.


Extended Enterprise

Training a workforce effectively is a challenge, but another level of difficulty is added to effectively train an extended enterprise. Our decades of expertise sets us apart and lends to our ability to efficiently tackle the task of training and developing a full extended enterprise network.


Financial Services

The skills gap in the finance industry is constantly growing. Our strategies and techniques produce innovative ways to develop, retain and find the top talent to help financial organizations excel.



Bluewater works with some of the largest healthcare companies in the world and to help set their learning & talent initiatives and solutions apart from the rest. Because finding and retaining top talent in healthcare organizations could be a matter of life and death.


Higher Education

Finding, hiring, and developing the best talent before another college/university does is a constant challenge in the higher education industry. Bluewater’s expertise in implementing, managing, and optimizing learning & talent programs provides the edge needed to support each institution’s unique workforce.


Life Sciences

Bluewater provides support for industry-leading life science companies so that they can spend less time on operations to focus attention on attracting and nurturing talent to fulfill their company’s overall critical mission.


Logistics & Transportation

The skills gap and aging workforce is a hard-hitting challenge for the transportation industry. Bluewater helps by optimizing and fully integrating learning & talent programs and technologies to drive your organization forward.



Often manufacturing organizations suffer from low employee engagement, training efficiency, and a lack of ability to continually develop their workforce. Bluewater partners with organizations to revamp their learning & talent programs and technologies to increase engagement and promote development within their workforce.


Oil & Gas

Bluewater has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry providing clients the ability to align their business strategy to workforce solutions, training & development complexities, reducing compliance burdens, and managing the performance of their workforce.


Restaurant & Hospitality

Attrition, insufficient training, and employee morale constantly affect the restaurant & hospitality industry. Bluewater helps these organizations with services specifically targeted to gain valuable insights, provide quick, efficient training solutions, and boost employee engagement.



Retail organizations struggle to balance consumer demands and maintain employee development equaling high turnover. Bluewater offers retail-specific reporting solutions and training programs that help all levels of management make intelligent, accurate, and data-driven decisions, on-time, every time.



Finding, developing, and retaining talent is a huge undertaking for the technology sector. Bluewater’s expertise helps organizations optimize learning and talent technologies to best support the continued development of their people and retain top talent.