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We’re A Certified SumTotal Services Partner!

As a certified SumTotal services partner, Bluewater helps clients to implement, operate, & optimize their platform for long term success. We have over 15 years of experience in learning & talent management, & a track record of helping organizations like yours use learning management systems to solve real business problems.  

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Additional Resources

Want to learn tips, tricks, & best practices around learning management for free? Check out our resources below! 

How to Drive Employee Engagement with Data

The challenge is, how do we maintain engagement with our employees in a way that shows them value as they continue to show value back to our business? Without this critical engagement, without the...

How to Use Learning & Talent Data to Transform Employee Engagement

The ability to translate huge data sets into a unified, meaningful view ready for taking action is an essential skill in our increasingly online & data driven world. Armed with the honesty of...

4 Practical Ways to Address Employee Wellbeing

Recent times have left many feeling uncertain with workers getting laid off, companies furloughing employees, or shutting their doors entirely. Americans are reporting higher rates of anxiety and...

3 Themes to Consider When Reinventing Your ILT Learning

Learning is changing and it’s not enough to only focus on the text and graphics of your content. We have to think about how the learner has changed. But wait, doesn’t the content matter? Of course,...

HCM Transforming Before Our Eyes – Workforce Development

Last week I took the time to start writing a series of articles on three important trends that are transforming the future of work. In my first post, I focused on workforce planning and how it will...

HCM Transforming Before Our Eyes – Workforce Automation

We are certainly living through a unique time right now, and there are many things in our lives that will be transformed as a result. Last week, I introduced a blog series I am writing on three...

HCM Transforming Before Our Eyes – Workforce Planning

The past few months have brought change, heartache, and new opportunities for many of us. Opportunities to connect virtually with family, friends, and colleagues in new and unique...

Keep Learners Engaged with Social Learning

One challenge central to the training industry is keeping learners engaged. But what does this mean? The definition of engaged as described in the American Heritage dictionary is: Employed,...

How We Are Preserving Joy During Quarantine

Before quarantine, I always wondered what it would be like to work from home. A break from my 50-minute commute was something I could only dream of. My dream became a reality 5 weeks ago, when we...

Key Elements of a Successful Training Program

The dynamic role of the trainer in the corporate world is facing many of the same obstacles  K-12 teachers have faced in recent years. There is a greater need than ever for quality education of...

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