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The Problem with Data

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, when simply finding data to address organizational...

What Did We Learn at Cornerstone Convergence 2019?

Hey Bluewater friends and fans, Chris Bond here. Just wanted to give you an update on our...

6 Tips for Building a Company-Wide Content Plan

So you need to build a content plan. Now what? First, know that this is an investment in your...

Rules of Engagement: Hiring an LMS Consultant

I am working with a client that has had their current learning system for about 3 years.  It...

Your LMS User Experience: Three Things You Need To Know

If your LMS is filled with relevant content but you can’t seem to get your users to complete...

It’s Time to Evaluate Your Onboarding Process

In some ways, onboarding is like a first date - it’s your new employees first real look at what...

Assessing Your Content Strategy for Career Development Potential

President & CEO Chris Bond and VP of Partner & Product Management Tim Carlsson hosted a...

Why Goal Setting Is Important For People Development

The primary goal and focus of talent management in an organization is to recruit, hire, retain,...

What Did We Learn at Cornerstone Convergence 2018?

It is early Monday morning following Cornerstone Convergence and I thought it would be a good...

Content: The Key To Employee Engagement

Does your organization struggle with employee engagement? Your greatest tool in that struggle...

Ad Hoc Reports vs Jaspersoft Studio: Your Guide to SumTotal Reporting

In our surveys, Bluewater consistently finds that the number one...

Drive Employee Engagement With Great Content

The importance of employee engagement today is universally...

Can Millennials Still Benefit From Classroom Training?

As of 2016, millennials are the largest generation in the labor...

Data Points: Why xAPI?

xAPI is the hottest topic in learning these days.  Of course, it...

So, Your Payroll Is Broken, Now What?

Many times, during my 20-plus year career in payroll I have been called...

Are You Getting Everything You Need Out Of UltiPro Reporting?

As an award-winning Ultimate partner, we know that Ultimate is a...

Employee Engagement – The True Value of HCM Technology

On a recent trip to our offices in Europe, a Client posed a rather...

4 Important Soft Skills Your Employees Need In the Digital Age

The rise of artificial intelligence is changing the workforce. It has left many workers...

Saba Insight 2018 Insights

Now that we are all back in the office on the Monday after Saba Insight 2018, I thought...

Take Your Saba LMS To The Limit: Getting The Most Out Of Your Solution

You have a great solution with Saba, but it can do so much more We get it — you are...

What Companies Can Do To Prevent Candidates From Ghosting

Ghosting has become a hot topic in talent management. Traditionally when you discuss...

Content: The Key To Employee Engagement

Does your organization struggle with employee engagement? Your greatest tool in that...

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