Attending Docebo Inspire 2023 was a revelatory experience. The future of learning is not just about expanding our current horizons but transcending them. Here's what I took away from the conference.

#1 - Envisioning the Future of Learning

Redefining Learning Platforms: Docebo is pushing the envelope, reimagining what a Learning Management System (LMS) can be. Their vision is expansive, aiming to bring learning to every corner of the enterprise. The dedication is evident in their significant investments in product development, ensuring a more cohesive learning environment for all.

Elevating User Experiences: From e-commerce to content management, certification to proctoring, Docebo is focused on refining every aspect of the learning journey. The user is clearly at the heart of their innovations.

A New Age of Engagement: The standout advancement, in my opinion, is Docebo's focus on engagement. By integrating everyday work applications with learning modules, they are ensuring a seamless training experience. The impending integrations with applications like Bluewater's Journey Maps and Certification Dashboards are particularly exciting.

Harnessing the Power of AI: Docebo Shape, empowered by AI tools from their acquisition, promises swift and efficient content creation. This move signals a shift toward smarter, more efficient content generation.

Data-Driven Insights: By integrating with platforms like Snowflake and AWS QuickSight, Docebo aims to revolutionize analytics and reporting. Such advancements will undoubtedly reshape how stakeholders view and utilize data.

Microsoft Teams Integration: The fusion of Docebo with Microsoft Teams could potentially redefine workplace learning. For organizations deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, this integration could be game-changing. This is one of the best advances in learning technology integration I have seen in years.

#2 - Voice of Customer Highlights

Strategic Learning for Business Impact: Customers view learning as a direct tool to enhance business outcomes, emphasizing functionalities that link learning initiatives to revenue growth.

Beyond Traditional Training: The demand is for engaging, interactive platforms offering gamified, personalized content and continuous development opportunities, moving past the "just good enough" mindset.

Addressing the Skills Gap: There is an emphasis on continuous learning, upskilling, and reskilling to address the prevalent skills gap, instead of solely relying on recruitment.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Customers call for industry-specific content, global best practices, and agile training modules that enable organizations to remain competitive in a dynamic market.

Support Beyond Platform Delivery: A strong request remains for guided implementation, onboarding, and continuous support to maximize the benefits of the learning platform.

#3 - The Docebo-Bluewater Synergy

The partnership between Docebo and Bluewater is adding substantial value to Docebo customers:

  • Strategic Fusion: Bluewater's strategic insights combined with Docebo's powerful LMS promise a holistic learning solution.
  • Optimized Experiences: Tools like Bluewater Journey Maps™ enhance both the learner and manager experiences.
  • Dedicated Support: Bluewater's LMS Help Desk ensures issues are addressed swiftly, minimizing disruptions.
  • Insightful Reporting: Enhanced analytics capabilities will drive data-informed decisions.
  • Preparing for Tomorrow: The combined innovations of Docebo and Bluewater are gearing customers up for the future of corporate learning.


  • We stand at a pivotal moment in the evolution of learning, with trailblazers like Docebo setting the pace.
  • The focus on user interaction, AI-enhanced content production, and well-planned collaborations highlights the emerging trends in the learning sphere.
  • Speaking with customers at Docebo Inspire underscored the evolving expectations of today's learners and learning leaders.
  • The synergy between Docebo and Bluewater epitomizes the potent combination of cutting-edge technology and insightful strategy.
  • Looking forward, it's evident that platforms emphasizing user-centricity, data-informed decision-making, and relentless innovation will define the next era of learning.

Final Thoughts

As we reflect on the insights from Docebo Inspire 2023, it is evident that we are entering a transformative phase in learning, with platforms like Docebo at the forefront. Their proactive approach to shaping the future, underpinned by a fusion of innovative technology and strategy—as exemplified by the Docebo-Bluewater partnership—highlights the industry's potential. What remains central in this evolution is the unwavering focus on the learner. As we move forward, it is clear that a combination of innovation, user-centricity, and collaboration will be the guiding stars in this exhilarating journey of shaping the future of learning.

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