With the new year upon us, it’s fun to look back and see what resonated with our readers. In 2019, we covered a lot of topics but here were the 10 most popular blog posts.


  1. Why Goal Setting Is Important For People Development

The primary goal and focus of talent management in an organization is to recruit, hire, retain, and develop one’s employees.

  1. Ad Hoc Reports Vs Jaspersoft Studio: Your Guide to SumTotal Reporting

In our surveys, we consistently find that the number one struggle our clients have with their learning and talent management system is reporting.

  1. Saba Insights 2018 Insights

What were our key takeaways from Saba Insight 2018? Merging Saba Cloud and TalentSpace, the Lumesse Acquisition and Enterprise Edition Future.

  1. 4 Important Soft Skills Your Employees Need in the Digital Age

Soft skills have been touted as a key competency for the future, but 1 in 3 professionals believe soft skills have declined in the last five years.

  1. It’s Time to Evaluate Your Onboarding Process

In some ways, onboarding is like a first date – it’s your new employees’ first real look at what a relationship with your company looks like.

  1. Take Your Saba LMS to the Limit: Getting the Most out of Your Solution

As powerful and far-reaching as Saba is, anyone could use a little help using it to solve more of their daily learning and talent management challenges.

  1. Your LMS User Experience: Three Things You Need To Know

If your LMS is filled with relevant content but you can’t seem to get your users to complete courses, there may be a problem with your user experience.

  1. Are You Getting Everything You Need Out Of UltiPro Reporting?

To help bridge the gap between what’s possible with reporting and BI and what most UltiPro customers are currently doing, we put together this survey.

  1. 4 Reasons You Should Adopt Game-Based Training

Game-based training is aimed at engaging learners through games that present a way to learn by doing and can mimic experiential learning.

10. Employee Engagement – The True Value of HCM Technology

Your employees already engage with your existing HCM tools on a daily basis but are you using your existing HCM tools in a way that is transformational?

Thanks for reading in 2019 and check back for more in 2020!


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