The Learning Eco-System topic of the week is the Learning Experience Platform, also referred to as an LXP or LEP. LXP’s are artificial intelligence (A.I.) driven tools that collect data, information, content, and context around learning activities. Each LXP is similar in what they do, but each is unique in their own way depending on what platform they are working with. For instance, one LXP is able to collect and filter data outside of the standard corporate learning environment. This information is then used to guide and make recommendations to clients.



Degreed is an LXP that is a consumer type model focused specifically on the individual. Other LXP’s like Pathgather are centered primarily on career pathing and Percipio, another LXP, looks at the delivery of skill-based content. It is important to balance the needs of the business while providing a learning experience for the selected audience. Using the right LXP to achieve the desired outcome is the key to success.


As we get further and further into this topic, a question seems to arise. “What about the LMS (Learning Management Systems)?” Many are calling for the elimination of the LMS, yet Learning Management Systems do not need to be replaced but rather used in conjunction with LXP’s to provide a stronger learning environment. LMS emphasizes human resource needs while LXP focuses more on management tools. By combining both and running them together, you create platforms for all employees, customers, and partners.

The way to look at these new A.I. engines is to think of them as a teammate, not a coach or a replacement. The process of gathering information on specific content is critical. However, we have to be smart and teach these A.I engines how to think for our audiences. By combining the most effective A.I Engine with the human element, we have a much better success rate.

All of these platforms are non-restrictive and are sold independently depending on what the needs are. When stepping into the future we need to embrace all new technologies that will help define future success. The LXP is only one element in the Learning Ecosystem. Evaluate your options well, and be sure to remember to balance the needs of the business with the desires of the learner.

Cornerstone is advancing the launch of its LEP at Cornerstone Convergence this week. I will be reviewing what I see, hear and experience this week and will provide a greater comparison on LXP/LEP’s during the month of June.