Hey gang, Chris Bond here from Bluewater starting a new video series to talk about the Learning Ecosystem.

One of the things we found in working with our clients and then really studying the industry, is that from a learning perspective, there is no one size that fits all. There’s been an idea over the past couple of years that, hey maybe I could find one vendor, one place that will do everything for me. I want an LMS that also has a content development tool that provides content, that does XYZDEFG, everything!  

That doesn’t exist. One size does not fit all. In fact, with all of the clients we’ve worked with, we have not found one client that did not have ten or more components to a learning ecosystem. So, the idea of really focusing on that becomes very important.  



Now, when we focus on it we go back and use our Bluewater Center of Excellence model and focus on, what’s going on with your user experience, content, administration, technology, process, data, and reporting. A learning ecosystem is much bigger than just technology. Sometimes we get too focused on the technology and we miss the things that are very critical as a part of that overall process. 

So in this video series, we’re going to begin to explore and dive down in and hopefully answer a lot of the questions that you have on what makes for a great learning ecosystem. Where is that focus and what can we do?  

It’s only expanding, the needs and desires, and demands of organizations are really beginning to explode in terms of just the need by an individual learner to have access to more content in different ways. And that’s going to be provided by your learning ecosystem and by numerous vendors and numerous components.  

So how do we make that all work together? That’s the focus of what we want to do here. 

In future sessions, we’re going to come up and begin to talk about all of those things around user experience, content, administration, technology, process, data, and reporting.  

Looking forward to expanding on this series, talking a lot about what’s coming, and what we see as a vision for the future.   

We’ll join you real soon on our next Bluewater video. 


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