At Bluewater, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses to maximize the value of their learning and talent management systems. We’ve discovered the key to success is addressing 7 core areas. The Bluewater Talent Development Index (TDi) provides companies with an assessment tool to evaluate how they’re performing in each of the areas.


Today I wanted to come and introduce something new for us. Its actually a continuation of something we’ve been doing for a long time, but we call it our Bluewater Center of Excellence.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been spending a lot of time with our clients, prospects, and people in the industry, really evaluating what is important to them in terms of the use of their learning, talent, or human capital management system. And what we found in our research is that it really boils down to seven key elements that have to be addressed in order to have successful use and maximize the value of the technology that you’ve probably already purchased.

So, those seven key areas are user experience, content, administration, technology, process, data, and reporting. All seven areas are critical to the success of your use of a learning talent or human capital management system.

We’re going to do a series of videos and over the next couple of weeks, you’ll begin to see more and more depth into what it means to be successful in each of these core areas and how they all fit together.

Because what we know is in our wheel, is that if one piece is missing the wheel falls apart. It’s never going to turn, it’s never going to allow you to really get the value that you want out of your investment.

So, we look forward to you joining us for this video series, we’d love your comments and your feedback. We learn from you and we want to do as much as we can to provide a lot of content and value back.

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