Last week I took the time to start writing series of articles on three important trends that are transforming the future of work. In my first post, I focused on workforce planning and how it will affect the day-to-day and long-term human capital management strategies within many organizations. In my second post, I focused on certain aspects of workforce automation.  

With some areas potentially automated in the near future, how will you continue to develop your current and future employees? 

Today I want to share my final thoughts on the human capital management transformation. This time around your plans for the future of your workforce and the continued development of your people.  

As a result of the pandemic and rapid shift in our workforce, we are certain to find gaps in the skills needed for the future. Companies will begin automating much of what we do today, and jobs will begin changing. How do we adapt to this change at the speed of light? We do so by enabling great people to do something different. The biggest concern I’ve heard from executives is a lack of confidence in being able to rapidly reskill. The root cause of this concern is the lack of a plan.  

As HCM leaders, we have an opportunity to change the game. We can put a plan in motion to change the way we develop our teams to reskill for the business opportunities of tomorrow. Many organizations are beginning a digital transformation today that was only a dream in the past. What I have heard and seen so far is groundbreaking, and it will reshape the way organizations develop their people. 

This change is inevitable so it’s important for us all to continue to work together and share ideas. If you have any additional thoughts or ideas, please feel free to leave me a comment. As always, if there is anything that Bluewater or I can do to help, please let me know. 

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