Have you mapped out the business processes around your Learning and Talent Management System?

In the following video on the Bluewater Talent Development Index, I discuss why processes are critical to the success of your Learning and Talent Management System. Watch below to learn more. 


Today our topic is process. Process, process, process.

Process is critical to the success of your use of any of these technologies because you’ve got to know what your processes are inside the system, but you really need to know what they are outside the system as well.

In fact, one of the things we like to say at Bluewater when working with a lot of our clients is, that 80% of process problems exist outside the technology not inside the technology.

So, have you mapped out all of the processes that are related to your learning, talent, or human capital management system?

If not, that would be a great first start. Begin to go do a high-level mapping of each of those elements and really understand how that’s going to work. Because by having those processes mapped, now we can begin to go back and really understand how governance is working for us.

What are the change management elements that we need to focus on inside the operation of our business to more successfully use this technology? And then how does that process impact the technology and configuration of the technology?

Process is critical, process is very important, it's something to focus on, and honestly, if you haven’t focused on it you’re with 99% of the world who have not really mapped out that process around their learning, talent, or human capital management system. So, I would really guide and advise you to go out and focus on that as a critical piece of the evolution of the use of your systems.

So, in future videos we’re going to focus on, well how do I go map out those processes, and what are critical areas we have process breakdowns around some of this technology? We’ll also talk a little about change management and then introduce more and more concepts about how process and governance really work together to help you be successful.


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