Understanding the data in your Learning or Talent Management System helps you understand your business and make decisions.

Watch the below video where I discuss the 6th area of the Bluewater Center of Excellence (COE) on Data, and why it’s important to create a simplified data strategy around your Learning or Talent Management System.


Today our topic is data. Data data, data, data.

So, what is the real purpose of a learning, talent, or human capital management system other than to capture data, so I can use that data in order to be able to make decisions?

Most organizations know that they’ve got a lot of data, but they’ve never mapped their data. So, have you mapped your data out? Do you know what the inflows and outflows of your system are in regard to data? Do you really know what data you have available in order to help your managers in your organization make decisions?

There is an incredible amount of content that we create, that we don’t have proper assignment because we don’t have the right data in the system. So, its something we’ve got to focus on, make sure we’re constantly refining and cleaning the data, but more importantly, we need to know what that data is. 

As data is evolving and the collection of this coming on, we’re starting to see more and more AI technology that’s beginning to use this data in order to recommend, to inform, to guide, and provide more contextualized information that allows us to make decisions, so data becomes critical.

I would guide you and advise you to take a moment, go out and map a little bit of your data. Understand what that data is, and what does it look like? You’ll be amazed at what you learn as a part of the process.

In our future videos, we’re going to talk about AI and AI’s relationship to data. We’ll talk about data integrations as a part of a bigger learning ecosystem, and how that integration of data and the use of external data in learning, capital, and human management system going to have a positive impact on you and your business.


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