Content is king and the learning content you develop should align with your business goals and people objectives. 

In my latest video, I cover the 4 key areas to focus on when thinking about your Learning or Talent Management System from a content perspective.



Content is king. Without content, none of these applications really have a purpose in life, we need to put content.

So with learning, content is pretty easy, right? What’s the learning content we need? Sometimes we don’t think about content in reference to talent management, but we need to.

Goals are content, goals libraries are content, and performance reviews are content. Compensation libraries, salary libraries, those are content. All the content that we put around benefits, around our recruiting, around jobs, that all becomes content. So when we think about the content it really provides the context for your interaction with your user.

We’ve talked about user experience and how critical that is, the user experience is only as good as the content that you put in your system.

Now a couple of gaps that we’re starting to notice in the industry today is that organizations are not really focused on retiring content. So, we have libraries and libraries and volumes of content that may be ten, or twelve years old, that’s not providing the right context for your business.

You need to focus on looking at your content, revising the content, and understanding that content takes a little bit of time to work with. But I promise that if you’ll focus on it, and really understand and drive into that detail, that you build your own content strategy, you’re going to being to find greater and greater success inside the use of your learning, talent, or human capital management system.

In the future we’re going to begin to dive in and explore more topics around, what is a content strategy, and how does that play out? What are new methods of learning that need to impact these systems, and how do we build performance reviews and goal libraries? What’s the content that’s really critical around driving recruiting?

So, lots of topics for the future.

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