Reports created in your Learning or Talent Management System should be able to tell you where your organization currently stands, where it is headed, and where it has room for improvement.

Watch below for a deeper dive into the 7th and final area of the Bluewater Center of Excellence (COE): Analytics. We cover three areas of focus for creating reports that help drive business decisions and who really needs the reports the most.


The most important thing to know is, that reporting is the reason most of us have these systems.

We could do all of this activity manually, but trying to aggregate and report on this information, and then reuse all that data from a reporting standpoint in order to drive decisions and other actions, would be next to impossible without great reporting systems.

Yet in our surveys, the number one struggle that everybody has with their learning, talent, or human capital management system, is reporting. Why is that?

It’s because there are such unique reports and reporting needs that every single organization has that they need to be able to deal with and address. Everybody wants to see their data reported in a different way. So it’s really rough for vendors to be able to pull that together.

So, there are a lot of great reporting tools that are out there, it’s complex. Some make you feel like you need to have a Ph.D. in reporting or in data science in order to be able to pull the data. Others are pretty simple to be able to use, so a lot of complexity.

But where I have you focused today, really go map out and understand what reports you really need inside your organization. Go focus on those, go get those stabilized and produce those. And then put some governance and put some rules in place about what type of reports you want to be able to build custom.

Certainly, if you have executives coming to you for reports and information, just like I’ll go to my team, then you want to be able to have the ability to go create those ad hoc reports. But the more plan that you put around reporting, the more you consult with the business, the less chaotic reporting will get.

So in the future, we’re going to go through and do a couple of things.

One, we’ve got some research and studies that were going to share in another video of what works and what doesn’t work within reporting and a lot of great facts and information that we may be able to pull together.

Second, we’ll go review some different reporting systems and some systems that people are using today that have really great success in being able to use reports, so we’ll look at that. And we’ll look at some of the big vendors reporting tools as well and give you a little bit more details and some unique tips and tricks.


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