Are your people at the forefront of your learning and talent management strategy?

In my latest video, I discuss the “people” portion of the Talent Development Index, that is, administration, governance, and change management. Take a listen to see why these are so important for your learning and talent management programs and systems.


Administration obviously is critical, we’ve got to manage the backend of the learning, the talent, or human capital management system. There’s a lot that goes into that and it’s a really important part of the equation.

But I want to change the topic a little bit and just not focus on an administrator. There are three key areas we need to focus on in order to have proper administration.

One, you’ve got to have the right management of the system. You’ve got to have management and governance in the relationship set up with the rest of the organization in order to be able to administrate properly.

You’ve got to be an internal consultant that’s really reaching out and understanding the needs of your business. What the training or the technology, talent, or human capital management needs are, and beginning to adapt how that’s going to work inside your application.

Then finally, you do have to put your hands on the system and get in and administrate.

For me, administrators are the most important part of operating learning, talent, and human capital management system. If we train them, and properly enable them, they’re going to be able to do great things. The gaps in knowledge and understanding can really create a lot of issues. So, we need to take great care of our administrators and those people part of the overall process.

Now in the future, we’re going to dive deeper into those topics around managing human capital management technology. Around consulting, learning, and talent management.

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