CEO Chris Bond and President Tim Carlsson hosted a breakout session at Cornerstone Convergence titled, Assessing Your Content Strategy for Career Development Potential. In this session, they looked at how content impacts the overall strategy of learning in your organization.

Attendees were provided tools and ideas on how they can develop their own content strategy as part of a larger learning strategy that allows for growth and development inside your organization.

Some of the common Career Developmental Challenges facing organizations today are:

  • Need for Speed to Productivity & On-demand READINESS
  • Ongoing response to rapidly changing & evolving business environment
  • Doing the work that’s required to plan & execute

In order to solve these problems, you have to take the time to begin to build a plan. Watch the session below or keep reading for some highlights.


 Aligning Learning & Content

It’s imperative that you start your content strategy process by developing an overall learning strategy. Learning includes, but is not limited to, content and content can include but is not limited to, eLearning.

So where does Content Strategy come into play?


1. Organizational Learning Strategy

This speaks to the needs of your organization. What are the business goals, drivers, and topics you need to be educating people on in order to advance the business?

2. Enterprise Group Content Strategy

This speaks to how you will educate and deliver in order to meet the objectives of the learning strategy.

3. Program Design (Specific Audience)

This must be a result of what your content strategy is because if you don’t know what your methodology is for how you will deliver and educate, it’ll be tough to deal with the program design.

4. Content Optimization Development

How can we simplify our content optimization development process? This often gets overcomplicated.

5. Content Maintenance

Once you have the other factors in order you can focus on how you can now maintain the content that you have created.

6. Content Performance Insights

Now you can now begin to look at your data for performance insights and performance improvement.

If you would like to learn more about assessing and improving your Content Strategy check out our Custom Content services or contact us directly.

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