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Your learning, talent, or HCM content is useless if your learners are unable to navigate your system. Whether you need a single well designed welcome page, or a full UX Blueprint, Bluewater UX Services can help you improve engagement and adoption amongst your users. Services available for Cornerstone, Saba, SumTotal, Ultimate, and Xyleme.

Custom User Interface Development
The right user interface makes the difference between a Learning or HCM site that looks nice and a site that gets business results. Bluewater’s Custom User Interface Development takes an organization’s UI through discovery, design, recommendations, and development to deliver a product that maximizes user engagement and action. Let Bluewater work with your team to create the right UI for your business model and learners.
User Interface Maintenance
Designing and implementing your user interface serves as the introductory layer of building an effective UI. But maintaining relevance requires ongoing efforts.  The UI must change with the business to keep users engaged. Bluewater’s UI service keeps your site fresh and engaging with minimal effort from your team.
Career Development Plan UX Workflows
Designing and implementing career development plans for your learners takes a lot of work. Don’t let a poor User Experience flow ruin the fruits of your labor. Bluewater can help you create a branded, engaging career development plan, with the right workflows in place for maximum learner success. All within your system!
UX Blueprint
Too many companies try to build their online user experience based on feel. Bluewater’s UX Blueprint provides clients with analytic insights into current UX issues. It examines and documents user journeys, then creates recommendations and a roadmap designed to improve the learning experience in ways that generate improved ROI. The process and product focus on strategies and designs to improve UX in both the present and the future.
Custom UX Workflows

User Experience is about more than a pretty page. How do your learners get where they need to go? What is their journey? Bluewater provides key insights and holistic recommendations to create the right user experience workflows for business results. We’ll deliver high level recommendations to help you design and map your custom workflows for today and for the future.

UX Consulting
A good user experience never arrives pre-packaged. Bluewater combines well-honed expertise with its specialized resources to help clients tailor their UX to the specific needs and platforms they present. This service focuses on optimizing UX for the present and the future, boosting ROI, and managing the budgeting of money and resources for maximum efficiency.
Company Information Page Buildout
A critical space for any client’s online presence is the “My Company” page. Bluewater works with clients to identify key components of their identity and branding, then builds out the My Company page to deliver not only essential information, but search hits and conversions as well.
Custom "Classic Dashboard" Design and Build (UltiPro)
Human Capital Management requires extensive ongoing data collection and reporting. The Custom “Classic Dashboard” Design and Build gives clients a customized mechanism for doing this. Bluewater’s experts design and build the dashboard through the client’s UltiPro portal. The end result is a custom dashboard designed with the client’s needs in mind to enhance user experience and improve users’ task completion rates, efficiency, and satisfaction.
UltiPro Platform Configuration (Pages, Classes, Fields, Formulas)
There’s a lot to do in UltiPro platform configuration, but how can you be sure you are setting things up to best suit your business? Bluewater can assist in the creation of new fields, help you control access to system delivered fields, and create or remove UltiPro pages to fit your specific needs. Get the flexibility you need to make sure UltiPro is configured for your business.
User Menu Customization
Every client requires different menu items for its dashboard and online platforms. Bluewater customizes the user menu for each client and builds in menu items with links out and links back to the UltiPro main menu.
UltiPro UX Workflows

Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.

Open Enrollment Messaging Customization
Open enrollment has never been a one size fits all proposition. Bluewater offers Open Enrollment Messaging Customization to help clients communicate with new employees throughout the open enrollment process. We’ll help you create a series of messages that communicate key information and help employees ask questions and receive the information and assistance they need to complete the process efficiently, without unnecessary frustration.
Custom Certification Experience

Bluewater’s Custom Certification Experience is the ultimate solution for managing certifications for users and managers. Whether employee or distributor focused, the Certification app helps you easily manage your certifications in a one stop shop.

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