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Bluewater provides a unique set of Content Services which help you improve the links among knowledge, learning, individual and organizational performance both within and, importantly, beyond the Learning organization. And we’ll help you do it in a manageable and scalable way. Get the help you need today! Services available for Cornerstone, Saba, SumTotal, Ultimate, and Xyleme.

Content Development
Content development requires significant time and resources, but your organization needs it NOW. Let Bluewater content development help you with needs analysis, instructional design, asset development and packaging. Get a timely, complete content development solution today!
Content Recommendations
An experienced outside perspective on content needs can help companies optimize their catalogs. Bluewater begins the process by assessing its clients’ needs around a particular course or area of content. It then performs a build or buy analysis to identify the best strategy, and builds out or procures the content as needed to best fit the organizational needs.
Content Rationalization
If left unchecked your content library can become outdated, and may no longer align with developing business needs. Bluewater’s Content Rationalization offering assesses the current state of your business needs and goals, as well as the current state of your content. From there, we can make recommendations on what content should be retained, updated, or eliminated based on its alignment to business needs/goals.
Content Curation
Content creation is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Content Curation can be a great, agile alternative. Bluewater’s Content Curation offering begins with defining the goal or purpose of your content. From there, we’ll clean up what you have curated already, and help you to further curate user generated content or external content to serve your purpose.
Content Repair
The best learning content in the world can only help an organization if it works. Bluewater will examine and assess content on clients’ platforms to identify concerns. We then modify source files and SCORM package files as needed to maintain proper functionality and repair problems, keeping content accessible and working.
Content Maintenance
Content needs change over time for most organizations. Some content gets outdated or loses relevance as a company evolves. Bluewater’s Content Maintenance offering establishes a lifecycle maintenance system for catalogs, designed to make minor changes over time and major changes when necessary. It also leverages Bluewater’s content expertise to develop low-maintenance, high-yield content that connects to source material and remains relevant over time.
Content Design & Creation Consulting
Is your content development team trained on best practices and theories for content design and creation? Bluewater Content Design and Creation Consulting can enable your content team, uncover gaps and inefficiencies in your current state, and make recommendations for improvement. We can also build out custom tools and documentation to accelerate change management efforts and new model adoption. Get the guidance you need for long term content success.
Content Organization for LMS
Often times as company libraries expand, they experience a breakdown of organizing principles. Organizations may lose track of content in place or have difficulty connecting needs to existing content. Bluewater’s Content Organization offering creates and then executes a plan for organizing content within the company LMS or LCMS. It examines the current state, and then builds a road map to organize the content in groups that matter for the client, whether by topic, business unit, or other principles that work for that client’s needs. This creates efficient, manageable content structure for internal and external users.
ISD Consulting
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.
Goals Development
Goal development is essential for the creation of fair, quantifiable performance reviews. Bluewater’s Goal Development offering includes the development of organizational, regional, divisional and/or role-based indvidual goals for incorporation into performance review process.
Performance Review Development
Organizations use performance reviews to evaluate, promote, teach, and discipline their workforce. But too many companies lack standardization and a review process targeted toward required results. Bluewater provides Performance Review Development that begins by understanding both the business needs and business culture of its clients. It then works with management to create surveys, assessments, self-assessments, and other tools to establish a standard, testable, effective process for performance reviews.
Performance Review Management
If you have a complex performance review program, or just lack the internal resources to administer your program, Bluewater can take on the management and administration of your performance review process. We’ll provide communication to individuals and managers, manage the performance module of your talent management system, audit your system to ensure compliance and provide relevant reports to appropriate organization members.
Competency Development
Workforce competency should emerge from any corporate training program. Unfortunately, many companies lack either a standardized process or measurability for their competency training, or fail to properly align competencies with specific roles in the organization. Bluewater’s Competency Development service works to establish a process for aligning training with competencies required for specific roles in its clients’ organizations, and develop differentiated, measurable skill statements for each training program. It sets standardized measurements and validation for each skill required, allowing selection of the right content for the right employees.
Competency Mapping
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.
Career Path Program Development
Are you developing your current employees to fill your future needs? How will you know that they’re ready? Bluewater’s Career Path Program Development offering works to create a clear and viable career progression plan for the key roles in your organization. This includes career progression maps, aligned to specific competency attainment via targeted organizational experiences/learning that enable standardized and optimized career progression.
LMS Content Blueprint
How do you know what learning content your company needs? What type of learning modality works best for your company; online, ILT, OJT, simulation, etc? Do you need any 3rd party content to supplement the content created internally? What does “good content” look like to you? Let Bluewater lead you through the process of creating a Learning Content Blueprint to focus your efforts on the actions that provide the greatest benefit to your company.
LCMS Content Blueprint
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.
Design Process Consulting
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.
Learning Strategy
No matter what software or system companies use for learning, they need an effective strategy to achieve desired results. Bluewater analyzes current content to identify the internal customers receiving training as well as the methods for creating, delivering, and reporting on that training. The result is a learning strategy that aligns with client needs and goals and delivers efficiently and effectively, both in the present and over time.
Learning Delivery
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.
Learning Delivery Management
Do you need help pulling together the human resources, facilities, and scheduling associated with your learning courses? Let Bluewater manage your Learning Delivery.
Learning Program Development
Building a learning program requires more than filling gaps and updating content. Bluewater works with companies through its Leaning Program Development offering to help design a complete program that packages and delivers all the training elements the role, audience or purpose requires. This begins with analysis and assessment of needs, including understanding different learning styles, demographics, capabilities, and goals. Bluewater then helps design, implement, track, test, and report on training to ensure effective and efficient delivery, implementation, and usage.
Learning Evaluation and Metrics
Company training programs should help ensure employees acquire the skills and knowledge to deliver a return on the investment into the program. Unfortunately, many organizations neglect the evaluation and tracking of effectiveness after training ends. Bluewater works with clients to identify measures of effectiveness for training programs. For each content offering, Bluewater identifies and develops the qualitative and quantitative metrics to ensure learning not only sticks, but results in the growth and results the company needs.
UltiPro Learning Course Design
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.
UltiPro Learning Hierarchy Design & Management
Detailed description coming soon. Please fill out the form below to request more information on this service.

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