Use It or Lose It

‘Use It or Lose It’ is our end-of-year incentive for clients and partners providing services and offerings to use your year-end budgets to finish strong in 2021 and set up your team for early success in 2022. Below are 4 of our most  requested and impactful services:


Bluewater Assurance

Monthly allocation of hours to support your administrative and leadership teams on-demand.
Performance Setup

Performance Setup

Outsourced administration to ensure your Performance process goes off without a hitch.
Managed Services

Managed Services

Expertise and support to fill gaps. Everything from Tier 1 Help Desk to fully managing your LMS/TMS.

Data Visualization

Let us build a custom view of existing data to help support data-driven decisions for key stakeholders.

Ready to Use It?

Great! We are prepared to provide you with an attractive proposal likely to include:

  • A healthy discount
  • Flexible payment model and terms
  • Perhaps even some consultancy hours at no charge

We’re waiting to hear from you. Fill out the form, call or email us and let’s get it started!


Our Services Areas

We offer a total of 7 service areas, offered individually per custom scoped projects or through our Bluewater Assurance annual subscription packages. Click below to see the services available.