Why Start an Extended Enterprise Program?

A well-executed program can increase or even create revenue for your company, grow customer satisfaction, and grow your business. Does it take your vendors a long time to close sales on your product? Is your customer service/support team inundated with calls from customers seeking help? Extended Enterprise might be the solution to both of these problems.

Who Benefits From an Extended Enterprise Program?



When your customers are effectively trained on how to use their purchases, customer satisfaction skyrockets.

Partners Vendors

partners & Vendors

When your partners and vendors are trained on how to present, sell and use your product, they can sell more product, more efficiently.



Who benefits most from increased customer satisfaction, decreased support costs, increased revenue and decreased lead times? You!

How Do I Start an Extended Enterprise Program?

Bluewater’s Extended Enterprise Service Center can design, create, and maintain an Extended Enterprise Program that fits the needs of your business, without the startup time, maintenance or upkeep expense inherent in doing it yourself.