How it Works

Bluewater™ Lead Consultant + Bluewater™ Service Cloud

Wondering how our Bluewater Assurance™ annual subscriptions work? It all comes down to your Bluewater™ Lead Consultant & our Bluewater™ Service Cloud. Purchasing one of our annual subscriptions puts hundreds of service options available to you under one contract. You can plan not only to fix outstanding issues but to truly optimize your learning management system, talent management system or human capital management system for your business.

That said, we know that sometimes you have a system emergency. When you’ve got a payroll that’s not processing, a SaaS upgrade that broke your training, or any other unexpected needs in your system, Bluewater Assurance™ is there for you with on-demand support through Bluewater™ Service Cloud.

Meet Your Bluewater™ Lead Consultant

They’ll Help You by:


Managing & coordinating your Bluewater Assurance™ service requests.


Working with you monthly to review, assess, & make a plan to support your needs.


Bringing our proven COE™ Methodology to the completion of each service task you request.


Responding to your unplanned Bluewater™ Service Cloud requests within 24 business hours.

Introducing Bluewater™ Service Cloud

This Powerful Tool Allows You to:


Access progress, status, & updates to your Bluewater Assurance™ service requests.


Open a new case with your Bluewater™ Lead Consultant when an unplanned need arises.

Subscription Packages

Bluewater Assurance™ annual subscriptions come in four packages. Choose what works best for you. Our average for clients is 16-24 hours monthly.

Looking for resources or expertise? Or maybe both?

Bluewater Assurance™ can provide you with both. Maximize your Learning, Talent or Human Capital Management systems. Click below to get started today.

We've got your solution.

Need a team of experts? We've got that! Need help with a particular project? We've got you covered there too! We can provide you with solutions for all your LMS, TMS or HCMS needs. Click below & let's talk about how we can help.

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