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What if your data & analytics strategy was built around the most important, forward-looking decisions your organization can make to impact business?

That’s the vision we have for you in this Whiteboarding Workshop. Our Bluewater™ Analytics, General Manager, Dave Seligsohn, will work with you to share our methodology for prioritizing, supporting & defining key decisions within your organization. He’ll walk through how to provide the right data to help create greater confidence in that decision-making process. After the workshop, you can choose to apply the methodology on your own, or we can come alongside & continue to help create your Bluewater™ Analytics Blueprint for your business.

Bluewater™ Analytics Whiteboarding Workshop includes:

  • Identifying one (or more if time allows) of the key decisions your organization needs to make
  • Identifying the key questions that need to be answered in support of that decision
  • Defining specific data points that are needed to answer each question
  • Determining stakeholder needs for reporting (when, where, what) & how to plan for effective data aggregation, tracking & refinement

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