Are you struggling to build UltiPro reports with Using the Ultimate BI Tool, known as Cognos?

You’re not alone! Ultimate’s BI Tool (Cognos) is incredibly powerful but notoriously intimidating. Pulling the right reports requires a strong knowledge of the tool, the data model & the groups/organization of your data. 

If you need help, check out our options below & contact us!

Custom Report Development

Let Our Cognos Experts Build That For You

Option 1: You provide the report requirements & we’ll build the report

Option 2: We’ll consult with you to determine the report requirements & we’ll build the report

Custom BI Reporting Support For Your Team

Let Our Cognos Experts Help You Build That Yourself

Option 1: Get expert support hours every month for anywhere from 1-6 months
Option 2: Get export support hours every month for 6-12 months at a discounted rate

Ready to master your data & get the reports you need?

We’re ready to help! Start with the right decision, Bluewater Decision Analytics™. Fill out the below form & get help!

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