The Future of Learning

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Learning Ecosystem: Intro

Hey gang, Chris Bond here from Bluewater starting a new video series to talk about the Learning Ecosystem.   One of the things we found in working with our clients and then really studying the industry, is that from a learning perspective there is not one size that...

Is Your LMS Configured to Support Your Learning Needs?

The right Learning Management System (LMS)- when utilized as part of the right strategy- can transform employee learning, improve performance, and foster employee engagement. However, the technology alone is just a tool. There are several key steps you must take for...

Are You Developing Learning or Developing People?

What's in a Word? Lately I’ve been very interested in the words and metaphors that we use to represent learning in organizations. After all, words have power. They are a primary tool that we use to shape, define, and focus our experiences. Words like “assign”,...


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