Talent Management Systems

Making it Work. Making it Smart. Making it Measurable.

Integrated talent management solutions, referred to as talent management suites, are the most rapidly growing segment within human capital management software today. They replace the disparate siloed applications that proliferated most organizations in decades past with a sleek collection of configurable modules that make it easy to take an integrated approach to recruiting to training and measuring the performance of your people.

However, without the right resources or in house expertise, the success of any new talent management system is at risk. Bluewater will join your team with consulting and managed services expertise to understand your talent program and ensure that requirements are considered, plans developed, work completed and configuration of talent modules accurately set to help you deliver strategic value to your organization. Or you can leverage our staffing and recruiting services group who can find the full-time people you need.

Bluewater delivers high-quality services that support the adoption and utilization of Talent Management Systems. We have over 10 years of experience selecting, implementing and operating HR and Talent Systems. Our experts solve business problems and save companies money.

Our Talent Management services include:

  • Talent Management System Selection
  • Talent Management BLUEprint
  • Pre-Implementation Consulting
  • Business Case Development
  • Governance and Admin Design Workshop
  • Business Process Alignment
  • Change Management Workshop
  • Talent Management Client Side Implementation
  • Managed Implementation
  • Outsourced Project Management
  • Outsourced LMS Administration
  • Admin Support Services
  • Admin Enablement
  • SaaS Release Management
  • Custom Tutorials
  • Custom Administrator Training Programs
  • Talent Management Optimization
  • Succession Program Development
  • Recruiting Program Development
  • Performance Program Development
  • Historical Data Migration
  • Web Services Integration
  • People Data Integration Management
  • Custom Report Development