Be Ridiculously Happy with Your SumTotal

Imagine a SumTotal Support Dream Team

As great as SumTotal is, anyone could use a little help solving more of their learning & talent management challenges. Imagine dream-team support that augments what SumTotal already provides & overcomes the limitations you face trying to maximize your SumTotal LMS in-house. Imagine consulting & services that will take your SumTotal LMS to the absolute limit of what you know it can do.

Enhanced Support for Greater Business Results

This e-book introduces a new day for SumTotal clients. It explains how the new era of support for SumTotal clients delivers expertise & experience that starts where SumTotal & internal teams leave off. It’s support that includes:

  • Experienced & respected support
  • Flexible support options
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Complete SumTotal solution coverage
  • Strategic & organized support for your unique processes & systems

It’s called Bluewater Assurance™, & we do it because you deserve to be ridiculously happy with your SumTotal LMS.