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Bluewater Shark Bites – Ultimate Edition is your one-stop source for information, opinions, tips, and answers on all things Ultimate Software. Follow the industry leading Bluewater team as we provide the unique perspective of an Ultimate partner, but also a partner of several other leading talent management solutions. How can you use the Ultimate solution in new ways to solve your business problems? What industry trends should you be aware of and how is Ultimate responding to these trends? Bluewater Shark Bites has the answers you need to get maximum value from your software and become a hero within your company. Subscribe now.
So, Your Payroll Is Broken, Now What?

So, Your Payroll Is Broken, Now What?

Many times, during my 20-plus year career in payroll I have been called to help fix a broken payroll. During my time I have discovered four main areas that can damage the integrity of a payroll. Staffing Function Process Planning These are the four pillars of a great...

Employee Engagement – The True Value of HCM Technology

Employee Engagement – The True Value of HCM Technology

On a recent trip to our offices in Europe, a Client posed a rather interesting question.  “Is there real value for our company in a Full Suite HCM system”?  We began to discuss multiple potential benefits including the impact of lowering the IT footprint for his...

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– Human Resources
– Payroll
– Tax/Payments
– Benefits Management
– Workforce Management
– Talent Acquisition
– Time Management
– Employee Surveys
– Compensation Management
– Learning Management



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