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Bluewater Shark Bites – Sumtotal Edition is your one-stop source for information, opinions, tips, and answers on all things Sumtotal. Follow the industry leading Bluewater team as we provide the unique perspective of a Sumtotal partner, but also a partner of several other leading talent management solutions. How does Sumtotal measure up to other vendors? How can you use the Sumtotal solution in new ways to solve your business problems? What industry trends should you be aware of and how is Sumtotal responding to these trends? Bluewater Shark Bites has the answers you need to get maximum value from your software and become a hero within your company. Subscribe now.

Drive Employee Engagement With Great Content

The importance of employee engagement today is universally accepted. It’s been almost two decades since Gallup released its groundbreaking research showing that high employee engagement: Reduces behaviors that increase company expenses (e.g., turnover, shrinkage,...

Can Millennials Still Benefit From Classroom Training?

As of 2016, millennials are the largest generation in the labor workforce. By now you would think companies would have a good handle on who they are and how they work.  But if you look at any of the countless book or articles on millennials, you’ll find many...

Data Points: Why xAPI?

xAPI is the hottest topic in learning these days.  Of course, it seems like there's always a hot topic in the industry.  Past winners have included social learning, blended learning, unified talent management, etc.  It's not a bad thing to be a hot topic.  It's just...

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