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Bluewater Shark Bites – Cornerstone Edition is your one-stop source for information, opinions, tips, and answers on all things Cornerstone OnDemand. Follow the industry leading Bluewater team as we provide the unique perspective of a Cornerstone partner, but also a partner of several other leading talent management solutions. How does Cornerstone measure up to other vendors? How can you use the Cornerstone solution in new ways to solve your business problems? What industry trends should you be aware of and how is Cornerstone responding to these trends? Bluewater Shark Bites has the answers you need to get maximum value from your software and become a hero within your company. Subscribe now.

Why Goal Setting Is Important For People Development

The primary goal and focus of talent management in an organization is to recruit, hire, retain, and develop one’s employees. An aspect of people development that often gets overlooked is goal setting. By establishing clear goals, you can get your employees and...

What Did We Learn at Cornerstone Convergence 2018?

It is early Monday morning following Cornerstone Convergence and I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the three key topics.  Cornerstone puts on a first-class event which is fun, engaging, and educational.  There were a little over 2,000 participants this...

Content: The Key To Employee Engagement

Does your organization struggle with employee engagement? Your greatest tool in that struggle might just be your content strategy. Read below for an excerpt from our latest e-book: Great Content, Strategically Positioned: An Overlooked Weapon in the Battle for...

What A Great User Experience Looks Like For Your LMS

When your reviewing your company’s user experience and the role it plays in your organization, it’s easy to note what needs to change. Poor design, outdated content, poor engagement. But what are things you should look for or look into improving? In our experience...

Is Your Learning and Talent Management Technology the Problem?

Is Your Learning and Talent Management Technology the Problem?  Interesting question. The answer is…it depends.  Recently I was on a plane from Dallas to Baltimore.  During the flight we ran into some pretty tough weather.  Our pilot had to trust his technology to get...

User Experience is a Wave Not a Splash

At Bluewater we speak with thousands of clients during the course of the year about all types of issues.  Consistently the number one issue we hear is that their LMS is too hard for their users because it is not intuitive.   These are code words for “you need a better...

Thankful for Smart Cornerstone Clients

One thing we’ve always been thankful for at Bluewater is the passion our clients bring to their organizations. We’re proud to work with industry leaders who put the development of their people first. James Webb, VP of Global People Development and Engagement at...

Someone Give Me My October Back…Please

I say that, but October was actually a great month for business at Bluewater.  October in 2017 also turned into conference season.  Over a period of three weeks I attended HR Tech, Learning 2017 and DevLearn.  Great events for a variety of reasons, but please spread...

Cornerstone Changes – What’s In It For Me?

Are there big changes on the horizon for Cornerstone? That is the question today for many Cornerstone clients and partners. During their quarterly earnings call last Wednesday, Cornerstone announced quite a few changes to their financial structure and future plans....

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