Access Your Information With One Click

Can you quickly get the data you need out of your Learning or Talent Management System? How many clicks does it take to get the sort of reports your C-suite wants? Can you integrate your data with outside sources quickly and easily, to provide meaningful reports that demonstrate the real value your efforts have on the company's bottom line? 

FACT: The real reason to have an LMS/TMS is to be able to report on the data you collect. 

In reality, though, most of the types of reports you need are not easily generated from the major Learning and Talent Management Systems. And the reports these systems do create can be cumbersome to prepare and are not visually appealing. To regularly prepare these reports becomes a full-time job unto itself. 

Good news! Bluewater Reporting Pages make the information you need available with just one click! 

Using custom-developed software, our Reporting Pages subscription service integrate with your existing LMS/TMS to provide visually appealing dashboards. These powerful dashboards turn your data into meaningful graphs that can help you anticipate talent gaps, monitor multi-level activity, and provide actionable insights into your team's performance. Plus, our Reporting Pages can incorporate data from external sources to deliver the information your C-suite wants.

Download the sell sheet to learn more or schedule a conversation today. 

Why keep struggling? We'll give you the confidence to know that your system - and you - are operating at their full potential.