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How many times have you implemented a new LMS or TMS over the life of your career? If you are changing systems, are you experienced configuring the new system you purchased, versus a competitor product you may have used before? Does your organization have the resources to plan, prepare and execute the implementation of the new system, from project management through user acceptance testing (UAT) and go-live? Have you tried to implement an LMS or TMS, but had issues or were dissatisfied…and perhaps never even gone live with the new system? Do you have fixed deadlines when you needed to be live on a new learning or talent management system?

FACT: Of the over 116,000 estimated HR professionals, very few have been responsible for the implementation of a new Learning or Talent Management System, and even fewer have done so more than once.

Unfortunately, these systems are not ‘plug and play.’ To have the systems really accomplish what you need them to do, there is a lot to consider and customize. This doesn’t simply mean what features you turn on and off. Rather, what are the business arguments for which features you turn on and off. The time and technical knowledge required to implement an LMS/TMS, or to transfer from one to another, is significant. The time and knowledge, however, are not the most challenging part of the process.

Good news! You don’t have to be the expert!

A successful implementation is mainly dependent upon solid pre-implementation planning and post-implementation governance and change management. This involves working with various business divisions to ensure that what is being implemented, tracked and reported is what will help the company make smart business decisions. The Bluewater team has extensive cross-platform experience in a range of verticals. We partner with you to instill confidence, provide creative solutions, and deliver business results.

Why keep struggling? We'll give you the confidence to know that your system - and you - are operating at their full potential.