Buying a Learning Management System is just the first step in transforming your business

A Learning Management System (LMS) is only as good as the way it is configured and the information it is provided. With the average cost of LMS exceeding $100,000 per year, it’s critical you develop well-­defined strategy to meet your business needs. Whether you are selecting or implementing a new LMS or upgrading your existing system, Bluewater helps you maximize your LMS by identifying potential process gaps and driving efficiency in the way you deliver, manage and measure learning in your organization.

Our comprehensive set of consulting, administrative and education services help businesses run their learning management operations. We understand that purchasing a new learning and talent management system is only the first step in helping to transform the people development processes within your business. As your strategy evolves, so will the way you utilize the new technology in support of your business objectives.

Bluewater will join your team as a product expert to ensure requirements are considered, plans developed, work completed and configurations accurately set. Some benefits of our learning services include:

  • Learning Management System Selection
  • LMS BLUEprint
  • Pre-Implementation Consulting
  • Content and Curricula Blueprint
  • Business Case Development
  • Governance and Admin Design Workshop
  • Business Process Alignment
  • Change Management Workshop
  • LMS Client Side Implementation
  • Managed Implementation
  • Outsourced Project Management
  • Outsourced LMS Administration
  • Admin Support Services
  • Admin Enablement
  • Content Development


  • SaaS Release Management
  • Custom Tutorials
  • Custom Administrator Training Programs
  • Role Based Curriculum Development
  • LCMS Implementation
  • Content Integration
  • LMS Optimization
  • Extended Enterprise Program Development
  • Learning Program Development
  • Personalized Learning Program Development
  • Historical Data Migration
  • Web Services Integration
  • Content Migration
  • People Data Integration Management
  • Custom Report Development