We Have Certified Professionals to Help You

Do you have enough time to do all that you are tasked to do? Do you have the budget to bring on additional resources when you have a spike in requirements, like for performance reviews? Do you ever wish you had an extra, trained person who could just take over administrative tasks, so you could focus on the strategy and bigger issues that really require your attention? 

FACT: Most HR departments are understaffed for what they are tasked to do. 

When you think about all you are asked to do in a day, let alone a year, do you really have enough people to keep your department focused on what will really help your company be a ‘best place to work’? Or are you and your team so busy trying to keep up on the day-to-day details that there’s no time to do the work that inspired you to go into this profession in the first place? 

Good news! There are certified professionals available for hire! 

Bluewater has a team of certified professionals who are ready to help you as needed. Whether you need a regular ten hours a month to help with data input or sixty hours to help with data migration for an LMS/TMS migration, our ADMIN Center is the solution you wished for. Not only are our specialists trained on the major learning and talent management platforms, they also have experience working with multiple clients in multiple industries. This gives them perspective on best practices to make sure that you are not just getting the job done, but that it is getting done right. 

Not enough people appreciate the work you do. We do. We recognize the responsibilities you have and the expectations people have that 'it will all just get done.' Make your job a little easier by supporting your team with a trained support staff to do the detailed or busy work, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Download the sell sheet to learn more or schedule a conversation today. 

Why keep struggling? We'll give you the confidence to know that your system - and you - are operating at their full potential.