Maximizing Every Aspect of Your Extended Enterprise

Are You Maximizing Every Aspect of Your Extended Enterprise?

If your company has a formal extended enterprise program — a training program for the external stakeholders who are critical to your organization’s success — how do you know if you’re maximizing its potential? How are you measuring its results?

An effective extended enterprise model can expand partners, grow sales, improve use and service delivery, and create happier customers. With extended enterprise, you can achieve results in:

  • Learning & skills development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sales or service support for products
  • Public awareness
  • Safety

Extended Enterprise Is Likely More Than What You’re Doing Now

An extended enterprise program needs to be:

  • Strategically and mindfully designed and executed to deliver the right content for each stakeholder audience
  • Continuously updated to meet the varying needs of different stakeholders and to meet your benchmarks for success

Read our e-book to learn more about an extended enterprise program and what’s needed to effectively develop your extended enterprise.

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