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Are You Struggling With User Engagement?

It might not be your learning content that’s causing you trouble. At Bluewater, we’ve found there are 7 KEY AREAS: User Experience, Content, Administration, Technology, Process, Date and Reporting that every organization must address to have a truly impactful LMS. Often times, the quickest way to improve user engagement is to take a look at your User Experience. Is it easy for learners to see where they need to go? How many clicks are between them and the content they need to access? 

If you’d like to learn how Bluewater User Experience Services can help you build the LMS of your dreams out of the one you already have, you can call us at +1-877-801-9277 or send us an email at globasales@bluewaterlearning.com . Want to set a time to speak to us at Learning 2018? Fill out the contact form below. 

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