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Bluewater has provided consulting for hundreds of learning and talent management leaders around the world. If you are a Learning or Talent leader seeking a partnership that truly shares your problems and goals — and you are dissatisfied with the typical tech-first approach to problem-solving — we offer a holistic experience that guides you through strategy formulation all the way to business outcomes.

Here’s a brief overview of our services:






Bluewater Reporting Pages help you produce advanced reporting to manage your programs, demonstrate the value of learning and talent initiatives, identify talent gaps, and show the impact on business results.






With our team of content development specialists and industry-specific partners, you will get best-in-class content and curricula to ensure that your employees are receiving the best development opportunities that will help you retain and grow your existing talent.






Our focus on user experience permeates every aspect of our recommendations to your business. We work to ensure that everyone in your organization is getting every benefit out of your system, not just a single department. If you don't feel that this is happening with your business, it may be time to re-evaluate and make some changes.






We look at the entire picture of your company, from your current business objectives to where your business is going. We then take a holistic approach to design the appropriate systems and processes for your business.






We bring deep expertise to partner with you for the selection, implementation, and operation of learning and talent management systems. We provide strategy-based solutions surrounding the people, processes, data, technology, content, user experiences and reporting that make organizations tick.






We help you prioritize your business needs, define your talent management objectives, and determine your functional requirements through a process of discovery, findings, recommendations, and Roadmap™.






We know what a successful implementation looks like better than anyone. There’s a big difference between “standing up” a product and introducing a system that will forward business outcomes.






We can make your existing technology better fit your current business needs — whether you are post-go-live or years into a legacy implementation.






We have a team of certified professionals who are ready to help you however you need. Whether you require regular help to keep your data clean, support during event-driven spikes in business, or temporary help to cover an employee's extended absence, our ADMIN Center is the solution you wished for.