Don't Let Your Data Overrun You

Our Bluewater Decision Analytics services are built to support you in three critical areas of need.

Decision Framework

Decision Framework

Business Driver Prioritization
Accountability Models
Culture Change
Organizational Infrastructure 


Data Management

Data Extraction
Data Transformation
Data Remediation
Data Aggregation/Integration


Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting & Visualization

Certification Dashboards
System-Specific Custom Reports
Interactive Custom Dashboards

Are You Looking for Support to Build Your Own Reports?

Put Bluewater Decision Analytics on-call, and leverage our experts to support you and your team.

Custom Report Development

Let Our Experts Build Reports For You


Option 1:
You provide the report requirements and we’ll build the report

Option 2:
We’ll consult with you to determine the report requirements and we’ll build the report

Reporting Support

Let Our Experts Help You Build Reports


Option 1:
Get support hours every month for 1-6 months.

Option 2:
Get expert support hours every month for 6-12 months at a discounted rate.

Ready to Develop a Framework to Make Data-Driven Decisions?

Bluewater Decision Analytics will design and deliver a custom Whiteboard Workshop for you and your team.


Bluewater Decision Analytics Whiteboard Workshop includes:

  • Identifying one or more of the key decisions your organization needs to make
  • Identifying the key questions that need to be answered in support of that decision
  • Defining specific data points that are needed to answer each question
  • Determining stakeholder needs for reporting and how to plan for effective data aggregation, tracking, and refinement


Ready to master your data and get the reports you need?

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