Start Making Effective, Data-Driven Decisions

In a world overrun by data, do you struggle to focus on the pieces that drive real impact?

What if your reporting & analytics strategy began with a list of the key decisions your stakeholders need to make, instead of a list of data fields? Bluewater has a proven methodology that will help you make effective, data-driven decisions throughout all levels of your organization. Bluewater™ Analytics will help you:

  • Make confident decisions backed by data
  • Define key questions & the data needed to  answer them
  • Track the impact of decisions to allow quicker adjustments
  • Prioritize reporting needs & decision-maker requirements based on key business drivers
  • Develop an accountability model for decision-making & results
  • Identify & implement the capabilities & resources needed to implement & maintain an analytics program

Need a Custom Report Built?

Let our Bluewater™ Analytics experienced technologists build you a report quickly & efficiently.  Select your system below to learn more.

Services Included

Bluewater™ Analytics will inform & support your team’s analytics strategy development with the services below.

Analytics Strategy Design

  • Define & prioritize key decision points based on organizational business drivers
  • Determine accountability measures for each decision point
  • Support the development of an ongoing program for accountability, data governance & decision-tracking

Data Aggregation Tools /Technology

To provide reporting across multiple sources of data.
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Client-driven dashboard development

Decision Blueprint Consulting

  • Develop key questions that support
    prioritized business goals
  • Identify & analyze key data points for
    each question
  • Develop reporting requirements across source systems for specific decision-makers/stakeholders

Data Audit & Remediation Services

  • Ensure the data you are reporting on is accurate, formatted correctly &

Custom Report Development

Single system or across multiple systems:

  • Cornerstone
  • SumTotal
  • Ultimate
  • Others

Ongoing Decision Support

  • Report development & updating
  • Client enablement & training
  • Consulting support for ongoing decision-making
  • Curated content on analytics, decision-making, & reporting specific to your company’s challenges
  • Growing library of questions, data points & reporting requirements

Want experts to support your team in building their own reports?

Put Bluewater™ Analytics on-call, leveraging our expert technologists in support of your team. Select your system below to learn more.

Ready to develop a strategy to make data-driven decisions?

Bluewater™ Analytics will design & deliver a custom Whiteboard Workshop for you & your team.

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