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What are our thoughts on this year’s event? Watch the video to hear what Founder and CEO, Chris Bond took away from Convergence 2019!  

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Curious about how we can help you to go live, revive, and thrive on Cornerstone? Click the image to download the information that we brough to this year’s show! Like what you see? Email us at globalsales@bluewaterlearning.com & we’ll get you on the calendar today!

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Recruit, Develop & Promote

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Most organizations today are struggling to understand how to adapt to ever-changing talent & skills requirements. This challenge is not going away. How can we become smarter & more efficient at Recruiting, Developing & Promoting our people to fill the gaps of today & tomorrow?

Join the Bluewater team as they guide you through how organizations today are beginning to use data, process & technology to identify organizational talent gaps & individual skill gaps, predict future requirements & encourage change within the process of hiring, development & growing a workforce.

Engagement - Never Underestimate the Power of Easy

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How can you get users to do something in Cornerstone that they don’t want to do? Are there things you can do as a system owner or admin that will drive more task & training completions & improve engagement? Absolutely!

Join Drew & Michael as they present some of the not-so-obvious solutions they have implemented over the years for making Cornerstone portals amazingly simple & easy for users. Plus, they will share some innovative ideas they are working on for making even more dramatic UX improvements in the near future. Come see what easy looks like!

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