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Ultimate Connections 2020

ready to win the war for talent?

You’ve been hearing it for years – the market is tight & getting tighter. Growing your talent from within & retaining what you grow will soon be more than the cheapest option – it’ll be the only option. How do you win more than just the daily battle for locking in & producing the talent you need?

Here’s the two-step plan of attack:

Employee engagement

This is the key to winning the war on talent. The way you engage with employees is the one constant of the employee lifecycle. Bluewater can help you deliver an engagement experience that fits the needs of who you have, so you can have them for the long term.

Manager effectiveness

This is how you drive successful employee engagement. Bluewater’s reporting and analytics team delivers the data your managers need to make effective, informed decisions when engaging their teams.

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Move it or Lose it: Engagement, Effectiveness, & the War for Talent

Tuesday, March 3 @ 10:45 AM  | Room: Avignon 1

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