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Organizations do not analyze people data from just one data source.  They look at multiple sources of information in order to make data-driven decisions.  As a Client of both Ultimate & Cornerstone, you have a tremendous opportunity to combine data & analyze the impact of your people.

This is an example of data which exists in the separate systems that we see combined to provide insight.

By combing this data we begin to have access to measure balancing the needs of the business with the desires of the individual.  We can produce:

  • Organizational Talent Gap Analysis
  • Individual Skill Gap Analysis & Development Recommendations
  • Identify future career paths
  • Gauge organizational talent risk
  • Evaluate Manager effectiveness
  • Measure Compensation Parity
  • Proving out Organizational Value

Could these metrics help you make better business decisions?  If you would like to explore & discover how Bluewater Analytics can help simplify your life, schedule a time to meet with our team at Cornerstone Convergence.

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