5 Reasons to Stop Complaining About Your Job

So the honeymoon phase at work . . . however long it may have lasted . . . is over. Maybe you are growing out or your role; maybe you don’t feel like you gel with your co-workers; or, there may be a more legitimate reason out of your control, like your boss has resigned or the company got bought out, that is making you fall out of love with your job.

Three Things Your Company Culture is Telling Your Customer

Companies are typically not founded on the notion that it will treat a customer poorly. In fact, almost all companies say they value their customers. That said, who hasn’t experienced receiving dismissive or just plain crummy customer service? So where’s the disconnect?

I'm So Happy I Work Here! Part 2

Last week I asked you to stay tuned for tips on how to find a job you love. . . . Well, here they are.

I’m So Happy I Work Here!

You want to find a company you love being around and are surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with. A place that propels you to be your best. A place that guides you to make better decisions. A place where you can giggle or just laugh out loud. A place where you can be authentic. A place where there is respect.  

Five Ways to Improve Your Resume

Every day, thousands of employers read through resumes to find a match for their open positions. This means you need to make yours stand out from the rest. Think of your resume as your professional promotional flyer with the simple goal of providing the reader with information. So, what does a good resume look like? Here are five things to keep in mind.

Culture Matters

When it comes to making a career move and finding a workplace that feels like home, company culture should be at the top of your list during your consideration. Here are three things that you need to think about: leadership, team environment, and employee recognition.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Staying Competitive at Work?

What a great question! Whether you’re right where you want to be professionally or feeling a bit stuck in your current role, you never know what kind of opportunities may come your way.

Three Ways to Jump-Start Your Career Search

Whether you’re thinking about what’s next professionally, or you’ve been job hunting longer than you’d like to admit, there are three key ways to boost your job search.

Why I Love My Job


Do you love your job? I mean, really love it?
Put another way, are you inspired by the work you do?


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