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Stop wasting your precious time! Get Bluewater Assurance our on-demand subscription services and we’ll help you refine your strategy, manage your system and create the optimal learning and talent development program. Let Bluewater fill knowledge and resource gaps in all 7 of Bluewater’s critical service areas:

  • Analytics
  • User Experience
  • Content
  • Administration
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Data

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7 Critical Service Areas

Bluewater Assurance covers all of the below services and much more. Get experts in your corner!


  • Custom Report Development
  • Custom Data Visualization Pages/Dashboards
  • Reporting & Analytics Consulting
  • LMS Reporting & Dashboard training & enablement


  • Vendor Management
  • Configuration Support
  • Release & Upgrade Management
  • Learning & Talent Management System Tune-Up

User Experience

  • Custom User Interface Design
  • User Interface Maintenance
  • Custom Role/Job Level based Welcome Pages
  • UX Blueprint & UX/UI Consulting


  • Learning & Talent Management Blueprint
  • LCMS Blueprint
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Process Alignment


  • Content Development
  • Content Recommendations
  • Learning Program Development
  • LMS/LCMS/LXP Content Blueprint


  • Data Blueprint
  • Data Requirements Review
  • xAPI Consulting
  • Data Cleanup & Maintenance


  • Global Outsourced Administration
  • LMS Configuration & Content Management
  • System Administration Training & Enablement
  • Performance & Compensation Task Management

How We Do It

Bluewater’s Center of Excellence Methodology defines 7 critical service areas to gain value from Learning and Talent software.

Industries We Serve



Extended Enterprise

Financial Services


Higher Education

Life Sciences

Logistics & Transportation


Oil & Gas

Restaurant & Hospitality



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“Thank you both for jumping on this. Maria is my life saver!!”

“As a nonprofit, we have a small staff and limited resources, but a lot that we need to accomplish. Partnering with Bluewater has allowed us to effectively expand our staffing expertise and capabilities on a budget. We’ve used them to design things we couldn’t, solve technical problems we couldn’t, and show us how to do it in the future. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to serve our clients nearly as well as we do.”

“Jaime, you’re awesome! We talk about you all the time behind your back and I just wanted you to know! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

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