The Bluewater Network Today

North America

– 40+ members in the US

– 3 members in Canada


– 3 members in Europe

– 5 prospective members

– looking for more members


– Expanding in 2019


– Expanding in 2019

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– Members representing all seven areas of the Bluewater Center of Excellence

– Increasing focus on Content, Functional Consulting, and Integration

Value to the Network Member


Access to over 350 Bluewater Clients

+  Bluewater is Selling for You

+  Bluewater Manages Contracting Process

– Service Agreements

– Statements of Work

– Financials

+  Manage Cash Flow

+  Business Growth Investment

+  Consistent Work

+  Access to Bluewater’s Winning Methodology

+  Delivery Tools Infrastructure

+  Flexibility

+  Opportunity to Earn Commissions

+  Access to the Bluewater Network

+  Enablement

+  Opportunity to Expand Capabilities

Bluewater Network Responsibilities


Systems Create Scale - Easy for the Client

Systems Create Scale graphic

Bluewater has developed an end to end platform to help manage all Client interactions and engagements. This system and set of processes is the foundation for our ability to successfully manage The Bluewater Network.

Participation Options

Participation Options