Are you looking to implement a successful employee engagement strategy?

Are you struggling with turnover and low on internal resources to elevate your employee engagement to an ideal place? You are not alone!

Worldwide, only about 15% of employees are actively engaged in their current companies and more than a 33% of all workers are actively seeking another job. In the UK alone, companies will spend over £765 million per year looking to replace employees they have lost.

Dealing with low employee engagement is significant expensive and a huge time commitment for your business. So, how do you reduce or avoid this financial drain and keep your talented employees engaged in your business?

Bluewater Assurance! This is a subscription service that will provide you with all of the resources you need to conquer low employee engagement. It’s quickly become our most popular offering.

Here’s why:

  • We can optimise your current technology, so you don’t have to decommission and replace
  • We can talk to your administrators
  • We’re always on call for you
  • We can fix your reporting pains
  • You can get more support for less money and less hassle
  • And most importantly, we can help you move from reactive to strategic

Bluewater Assurance Consulting & Support Services is our marquee offering. It extends your team by connecting you with our seasoned team of functional system experts and industry-leading consultants for a fraction of the cost.

Stop losing talented employees to low engagement and start getting proactive with Bluewater Assurance!

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