DreamForce is an annual conference that gathers the Salesforce community for four days of learning and networking. Bryan Miller, Vice President, HCM Practice is scheduled to speak at DreamForce 2019 which takes place November 19-22 in San Francisco, California.

In the session titled Successful Change Management in Salesforce, Bryan will speak alongside Spekit CEO Melanie Fellay and Marshall King.

“In this session, you’ll learn to break down your training into digestible content bites, reduce overall documentation and prep time, embed these training bites contextually, throughout the user’s regular workflow and track who is adopting the change through notification tracking and analytics.

You’ll walk away with best practices to help you implement training, distribute knowledge, onboard new employees and drive changes that stick.” – Dreamforce

In May, Bryan was presented the ‘CCERP Innovation’ Innovator Award at FinancialForce Community Live 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.