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Customers enter into engagement with Bluewater at any of the 3 phases below. Either coming to us directly or through our many vendor partnerships. Once a customer, they often progress through the phases as we help keep their optimized state-aligned, operating, and scalable over time.

'Use It or Lose It' is our end-of-year incentive for clients and partners providing services and offerings to use your year-end budgets to finish strong in 2021 and set up your team for early success in 2022. Below are 5 of our most requested and impactful services:



We help customers evaluate, select and make decisions designed to optimize their current learning and talent technology & operations. Leading directly into the next phase: Implementation

  • Evaluation of Current State & Technology
  • Recommendations & Roadmap for Optimized State
  • Technology Selection Support/Advisory

Evaluations will focus on each key area of our Bluewater Center of Excellence:

  • User Experience
  • Content
  • Administration
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Data
  • Analytics


Our certified experts will successfully implement any of the systems below. Our unique approach creates customers for life and will lead to the next phase of our service delivery: Operate

  • Cornerstone
  • Saba
  • Docebo
  • Sumtotal
  • Sage
  • Administrate
  • Ceredian Dayforce Learning (Docebo or Cornerstone Legacy)
  • Overall Project Management


Short or long-term support via our Bluewater Assurance or Managed Services offerings. This phase often moves customers from 1-off projects to Bluewater “Clients-for-Life”

  • Evaluation of Current State & Technology
  • Recommendations & Roadmap for Optimized State
  • Project Work
    – Custom UX
    – Custom Data Visualization
    – Custom Reporting Pages
    – Custom Integrations as a Service
    – Content Integration as a Service
  • Bluewater Assurance
  • Bluewater Managed Services
    – Tier I & II Help Desk
    – Full COE managed service

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Our Services Areas

We offer a total of 7 service areas, offered individually per custom scoped projects or through our Bluewater Assurance annual subscription packages. Click below to see the services available.